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CoffeeCakeKC Now Offers Online Ordering

We now accept online orders when we are out and about at public events. Select your items, check out, and then pick up your order at the truck. You can skip the line! Just give us your name at the Pick Up window. 


Slingin' Beans and Buttercream Across Kansas and Missouri

 CoffeeCakeKC is a food truck in Kansas City — Kansas City's coffee shop on wheels. Operating since 2010, on our weekly route and at special events, our mobile espresso bar serves the entire KC Metro area from Overland Park to Topeka.

CoffeeCakeKC features gourmet cupcakes and cookies, locally roasted, organic coffee, coffee cake baked from a family recipe, and a variety of muffins. We have a full espresso bar — lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, oh my! — as well as unique hot chocolates, teas, frappes and fruit smoothies. Check our Calendar for the full schedule of regular stops and special events, or contact us today and book your own! Weddings, employee appreciation's, parties and festivals — CoffeeCakeKC will bring a fun and casual atmosphere to any occasion.


Coffee and Tea — Keeping it Local

Mother Earth Coffee makes an exquisite cup of coffee that makes all who drink it stop and notice the quality. The coffee in Mother Earth products can be traced back to the farm or cooperative from which it was purchased through our direct trade practices. All Mother Earth Coffee roasts are certified organic. We serve Mother Earth Medium Roast coffee and use Mother Earth Espresso. 

Hugo Tea Co is a direct trade tea company, sourcing truly exceptional, organic tea from farmers the world-over. Hand blended and hand packed in KC. Our truck carries several Hugo flavors, we especially love their Chai.


Cupcakes and Cookies from Kansas City Baking Co.

We are proud to feature gourmet cupcakes and cookies from the talented bakers at Kansas City Baking Company. Our standard cupcake flavors are Vanilla, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Red Velvet. Cookie flavors are Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl, Frosted Sugar, and Snickerdoodle. Want something special for your private event? Let's talk doughnuts, croissants, granola bars, or danish!

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Monday: 7:30-10:45a
Tuesday: 7:45-10:45a
Wednesday: 7:45-11:00a
Thursday: 8:00a - 3:00p
Friday-Sunday: Varies

Check the Calendar for events.